An Idea Is Born

So my story goes like this:

I was in my final year of university (third time at University...seriously never doing that again lol). Our family had scaled down from living in a great big home to city lifestyle.

I no longer had an exclusive hobby room but still wanted a hobby and one that suited our living in the city.... During a trip to Asia I discovered terrariums and micro gardening and fell in love.

On our return to New Zealand I could not find the figurines and decor locally and after discussing it and getting advice from my hubby who is a banker (wise dude with the dollars) I decided to buy a few bits and bobs and sell them as well as ready made terrariums on a local site, which meant miniature gardening items would be made readily available to New Zealanders.

I did not foresee how quickly the passion was going to be embraced by my fellow kiwis :-)

So I spent my last year at university juggling classes, assignments, exams and running an online business ...crazy out of my mind busy and sleep deprived hehe.   

At the end of my first year in business my hubby said "you're overtaking our home with all your business clutter" and moved me into a quaint office and storage facility.  

What started as a hobby has ended up becoming a full time work online business.